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Pecha Kutcha Presentation 17.02.21

Today I presented my Pecha Kucha. Pecha Kucha means chit chat in Japanese, for these presentations we were required to give a presentation that did not exceed 5 minutes, we had to produce 15 slides which were set to a 20 second timer.

The exercise allowed us to show our initial concepts and ideas for our co-working space designs, while also helping us to practice our presenting skills, which is something we have done lots more of in level 5.

As well as allowing me to show my industrial vision for the Mark Addy, we got to see all our other classmates. Its so interesting to see how everyone has completely different visions and how they all interpret the brief. Some people had thought of things which I hadn't considered, such as removing the ground floor level to create an atrium and others created really interesting concepts.

Especially at the moment when we aren't in the studio seeing how others work is progressing its almost reassuring to so see how others are getting on with their work and drives you to work hard.

Below I have included a couple of slides from my Pecha Kucha which I was happy with and will be integrating into my final A3 document for submission.

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