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Home Renovation "The Orangery"

When my parents bought our family home in 2013, they knew they wanted to renovate it from top to bottom a huge task which is nearly complete. The last stage of the renovations lies in this dingy, mold and damp filled conservatory.

Conservatories have been dated back to as early as the 17th century, however gained wide spread popularity over the past 40 years due to the rise of double glazing and UPVC windows. For most conservatories are an inexpensive way to gain an extra room in your home and they rarely require planning permission, which makes them appeal to most people. However, despite their appeal they do have their downsides. Conservatories are renound for essentially matching whatever temperature it is outside. If there is snow on the ground they are freezing and if its a hot day you might be cooked alive if you stay in there for too long.

For me, I'm not a fan. For the fore mentioned reason of the lack of climate control but also I hate the sheer volume of UPVC that is involved and well, our conservatory below is enough to put anyone off them for life!!

So with all that being said, as the condition of our conservatory makes it pretty much unusable, we have decided we are going to convert it into a modern orangery, containing a home bar and seating area. An orangery is a pretty similar concept to a conservatory, they are both pretty much garden rooms, but orangerys have a lot more brick to them.

Below are some images of the existing conservatory.

Apologies for the lack of cushion plumping and presentation, but this room is just a dumping ground currently and is being knocked down in approximately 2 weeks.

I will share images in later blog posts however these two bifold windows when the structure is re built will be replaced by smaller picture windows, with a freestanding log burner between them.

Above shows the internal access to the room. Currently you have to go through the Lounge and open these oak bifolds to access the space. When the new structure is water tight these bi-folds will be replaced with large sliding doors.

This is a view to the bi-fold doors.

The space is covered in damp so is unusable. It will make such a difference when the room is converted.

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