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Finalising My Website

My most recent module at University, Developing Design Contexts, required me to develop a website for myself/my brand. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working away at it and have finally shared it with the followers on my Instagram, so I thought I would go into my design choices a little bit on this blog.

For the overall aesthetic, I wanted to keep the site really simple using a white background and accents of grey, I think this makes my page look sophisticated and makes it easy for users to navigate.

I also approached the website from the perspective that CHL Interiors by Charlotte Levell is a design studio, rather than me just being a student seeking a graduate job or placement. I did this mainly because I hope to set up my own business. I have worked for clients on private and commercial projects and I am hoping to get more work through social media and word of mouth, therefore I wanted this website to be a place where I could showcase my work for clients.

Website: Homepage

Above, the screenshot of my homepage shows the header on my page as well as the moving banner which has my logo on. I like the way that my simplified logo in grey sits above the toolbar and is perfectly central, along with the full logo below which has the addition of Interiors by Charlotte Levell. The moving banner showcases some of my work before people even click into my portfolio which I think is important because they instantly get a taste of what I can design.

Website: Homepage, Testemonial

I also thought it was really important to include a testimonial on the homepage as this shows that not only have I completed jobs for clients, but that they are also satisfied with my work which makes me a lot more credible as a designer.

Website: About Page

My about page is a little more personal. As my homepage was about CHL Interiors I wanted to give a brief introduction to me as the person behind CHL Interiors. My CV is also attached to this page as this was a requirement from Uni, however I actually think its a good idea so it might stay.

Website: Portfolio, Conceptual

I have created 3 sections under portfolio. One for Residential, Commercial and Conceptual (as seen above) I decided the most sleek way for me to lay it out was to have tiles with a main image from each project that if you click on take you to a gallery with a brief description of the job/module. Also if you click directly on the portfolio tab it will take you to view my PDF portfolio.

Website: Services

With it being a website based mainly towards clients, I added a services page. When I was researching by looking on other designers pages this seemed to be common practice and I think it adds to the site because not only am I showing someone this is what I can do, this page talks them through how I will do it also.

Website: Contact

Lastly and possibly most importantly, the contact page. This simple form allows prospective clients to fill in their details and enquire about my services. I thought the map at the bottom was a nice touch and is one of the few things I kept from the original WIX template. I don't currently have an office or studio, which I one day hope to, so for now it just has a little pin on my family home.

I have really enjoyed the task of creating a website. It has helped me explore my personal brand and develop it. There isn't really anything at this point I would want to change on my website, however as I grow my portfolio and develop as a designer, I think it will naturally change with me. I'm excited to get my feedback on it from Sarah and I hope the direction I have taken it in is clear and sucessful.

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