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Back at Homebird Interiors!!

This Monday on the 12th of April, the UK exited its 3rd National Lockdown. This easing of restrictions saw the reopening of non-essential shops, FINALLY!!

I have worked at Homebird Interiors on and off since I left high school and have been so sad to see it closed over the recent months. Homebird is a small family run chain of 4 boutiques and sells furniture, home accessories and more. There are shops in Wilmslow, Altrincham, Heswall and Cheadle Hulme, which is the one that I work at.

Working at Homebird has really shaped me as a person and as a designer. As a designer it has helped me really develop my styling skills for domestic interiors, helped me understand how trend driven the interiors market is from a retail perspective and has shown me how design/visual merchandising can make a huge difference to shoppers.

As it was my first ever job I can see just how much it helped me grow in confidence. I have realised that I really enjoy being in a client facing role and interacting with people, not only do I enjoy it but I'm also good at it? I love building the rapport with people in the shop and this allows me to sell high ticket items.

Since working at Homebird I have realised that the retail side of interiors is something I would like to explore in the future through my career. If I was to set up my own interior design studio like I plan and hope to do one day, I would love to have a showroom or boutique alongside it to showcase my style and tap into a more mainstream market.

Below is the only picture I managed to snap today when I was in the store as we were rather busy. As you can probably tell from the image, the homebird aesthetic is a combination of many different styles such as Country, Scandi and Shabby Chic to name just a few. This dining table was is showcasing some of the new spring/summer items we have in at the moment, its all really neutral and has a relaxed easy feel to it.

Here's to hoping that the world is finally on it's way back to normal and the next time we will be closing those doors for longer than one night it will just be for Christmas!!!

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