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University of Salford Recruitment Event 27.03.21

This year and last I have been a student rep for my course, this lead to my programme leader Tim Bramley asking me to be a student ambassador which I gladly accepted. As a student ambassador I was asked to take part in a open day for Interior Design at Salford in November, in which I spoke about the course and showcase some of the work I had produced to date.

Following on from this, Tim asked me if I would be one of 3 current students from University of Salford School of Art and Media, to take part in a Live Q&A Webinar alongside some Alumni on Saturday 27th March. The talk was aimed at prospective students aged 16-18 and we were discussing why we chose Salford, our course and what we enjoy about it.

For me it is always easy talking about why I love the course and the University. The course, well the courses overall structure is great. The modules are so diverse that it helps you build up different skills and a varied portfolio, which makes you attractive to prospective employers. I feel that I have been constantly pushed to achieve the best but never made to feel like I'm out of my depths, which was my main concern ahead of starting university.

The University as a whole is great. The New Adelphi building where I am based is amazing, it offers great facilities such as computer suites, workshop space and most importantly a cafe which serves Costa Coffee drinks, which will keep you going through the long days. But above all of those things that make your studying easier, the thing that helps the most are the lovely staff. Sarah, Tim and Paul have all be so helpful throughout my time at university, whether were in the studio or working online, they are always at the end of an email and free to help.

Like anyone, where public speaking is involved I more often than not have a few butterflies in my tummy, but the further I progress through uni the more confident I am becoming. I have done presentations in front of my classmates and larger talks like the ones mentioned above and I believe its really helping me build the skills I will need to be a business owner in the future.

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