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Lockdown, A year on...

One year ago on the 23rd March 2020 Boris Johnson addressed the nation and announced we would be heading into a national lockdown. Like many people I had no idea what that would mean as it was something I had never experienced nor did I anticipate I would have to experience, therefore I thought I would reflect on how it has affected my studies.

Lockdown changed lots of things for me however the main one being my university course. In the year since lockdown was announced I can safely say that I can count on one hand the amount of times I have been into the studio in the New Adelphi building which ofcorse makes me extremely sad as I love my degree and the university.

I was around half way through my first year of uni and I am now fast approaching the end of my second year. Time moves fast and I cant believe I'm over half way through my degree and the majority of that time has been spent in a pandemic. Sadly I have missed out on some of the site visits and trips which we would usually do.

Despite the negatives involved in distanced learning it definitely has not been all bad and I would say overall I have actually made the most of the situation. My lecturers adapted straight away and have delivered high quality lectures online, along with one to one tutorials and virtual tours, and they have always been just an email away.

I have proved to myself that I am able to produce high quality work under stressful circumstances and taught me that I am able to overcome any obstacles that I face. With all this being said I think I will happily be the first one sat in that studio come our first lecture in September!!

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