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Interior Design Business Podcast

The Interior Design Business Podcast is one of my absolute favorite podcasts to listen to. Unlike other interiors podcasts that focus on on home renovation and are aimed at people interested in interiors, the Interior Design Business podcast is a podcast aimed specifically at designers and people working within the industry.

The hosts are Susie Rumbold, former president of the British Institute of Interior Design and Jeff Hayward, Interior Design Marketer with over 15 years experience. Together along with a range of knowledgeable guests have open conversations about day to day issues within the interior design community such as building client relationships, branding and fees, to the larger society wide issues that impact on the Interior Design industry such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Diversity and Greenwashing.

On my dog walk today I popped in my air pods and listened to their most recent episode "Blogging for Interior Designers" which was extremely fitting as that is a journey I have just embarked on. The hosts were joined by special guests Kate Watson-Smyth, who has a blog "Mad About The House" and hosts The Great Indoors podcast (Both of which I love) and Fiona Mostyn, who runs My Deco Marketing, which is a specialist marketing service aimed at interior designers.

The podcast was super insightful and some interesting points that I picked up on while listening were as follows:

Both Kate and Fiona really reiterated the message "A blog is for life not just for Christmas", these weren't their exact words, however they both really drove home that you must keep active on your blog and try and upload regularly.

Fiona was very helpful, as she was talking about writing as a designer looking for clients, that you should always write for your ideal client. She reiterated that its important to bare in mind your target audience and write for them. As a designer having a blog integrated into your website she said you must sell yourself and show how your services set you apart.

I definitely took a lot from the podcast and I'm all ready and waiting to listen to the next one!

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