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Curriculum Vitae

I have given my CV a much needed update!

My CV hadn't been updated since I applied for my Estate Agent job the year before I started Uni, so I felt that I had lots of things that needed adding to it before I apply for work experience placements for our industry experience module.

The layout of my CV is quite simple, I didn't want to over complicate things. My strengths lie in my degree, which I have been achieving high marks in, and my work experience, as the majority of it is relevant to interior design, therefore I wanted to have these take center stage and have the most space on the pages.

I created a banner to the left hand side of my page to include information which I kept brief such as Education, Skills and References. Within the banner I added more graphic elements such as icons for social media, contact icons and bars showing my skill levels for software.

One part of my CV that I believe will set me apart from others is the Examples of work section. I wanted to showcase my varying skill set by adding not only a range of university work but also photographs of a completed commercial project.

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