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Case Studies Group Presentation 10.02.21

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Today Ellie, Anna, Olivia and I did our online presentation to the class on our two chosen case studies which were WeWork No.1 Spinningfields and Neue House Madison Square. I undertook a similar role with this group work to when we did the Ordsall Hall group work, I made a group chat and lead conversations about how we would divide the workload and design the slides, I then went on to put together everyones work.

Myself and Ellie researched things such as Location, Facilities, Design and Memberships for the WeWork co working space, then Anna and Olivia did the same for Neue House.

A look at one of my slides from our presentation

There were lots of similarities and differences between the two. The main similarity I felt was that they both had industrial elements to their design, however had completely different feels to their spaces.

WeWork No1 Spinningfields

NeueHouse Madison Square

As well as presenting our own case studies, we watched the rest of our classes, helping us to see a variety of different spaces people had chosen. Overall, this exercise was really helpful in helping me gain knowledge of what is essential or expected when designing a co working space and I will apply elements of the spaces I like to my own design.

This activity although it may not seem directly linked, has really helped with my understanding of industry and professional practice. We had to work as a team to produce a piece of work and also had to convincingly present it, which is what you would need to do in industry with your coworkers.

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