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Artwork 28.03.21

My Passion for interior design stems from being a creative. In school I loved art, it was always the few hours of the week I treasured. After the strain A levels put on my relationship with Art we kind of fell out of love and I didn't see me finding a way back.

Prior to starting University I had never used Photoshop however now it has become a part of my daily life and has helped me fall in love with Art again. Don't get me wrong I am no Monet or Dali, but I am really loving creating digital art pieces such as this one below.

I created this piece inspired by the below print in my parents room which I thought looked dated and needed modernising. I have used the same concept as the piece in their room which is a heart filled with our family's names, however I have opted for these delicate lines if handwriting, rather than the bulky, graphic red typography which they had previously.

Of course art is completely subjective, like interiors, one person my love the new print I have done and another may prefer the original. But I love that through my art I can create beautiful prints and pieces of typography which will fit whichever interior or client I may be designing for.

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